Zinc Plating

Acid chloride zinc plating is a bright plating process that involves electrodepositing zinc onto steel that increases corrosion resistance and provides a good paint base. After zinc is deposited onto the steel, the parts can be dipped into one of the four different chromate colors that help give the steel even greater corrosion resistance.


  • Type I is just the zinc plating with no supplementary treatment (RoHS compliant)

  • Type II is a colored chromate coating added after zinc is applied (Hexavalent)

Olive Drab (Army Green)

  • Type III is a colorless chromate coating added after zinc is applied (Trivalent and RoHS compliant)


Yellow: Produces a bright, iridescent yellow coating (Hexavalent)
Black: Produces a slight iridescent, deep black finish (Hexavalent)
Olive Drab: Produces a deep, army green finish (Hexavalent)
Clear: Produces an extremely bright, clear coating (Trivalent and RoHS compliant)

ASTM B633, we provide all 4 classes, Type I, II, or III.

If you do not see a certain spec or standard listed here that your part needs to meet please contact us. Even if it is not listed here we may still be able to meet your requirements!